Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is intended to explain how this site collects and uses your personal data. In general, your privacy is very important to us and will not be sold or distributed to third parties.

What Personal Data is Collected?

  1. Your Name - We will use your name to customize your user experience.
  2. Your Email Address - Your email address will be used as your login username. You may also receive some emails with site specific information. You will be able to opt out of this feature.
  3. Your Password - This site uses OpenSSL to provide AES-256 encryption. Passwords are stored only in encrypted form, and we have no way of knowing what your password is (which is why, if you forget your password, you have to reset it). That said, please do not give your password to anyone else, and keep it safe and secure.
  4. Your User Photo - You can choose to upload a user photo to personalize your avatar. Inappropriate images will be removed and violate our user terms.

What About Payment Information?

This site uses Stripe to collect payment for subscriptions. Credit card information is not kept by this site, apart from the last four digits of the card number to help you with identification. Stripe does a much better job of storing your credit card information securely. We do keep standard billing information (i.e., your address) in order to produce the invoices when you pay for your subscription. However, this information will never be sold, exchanged, or given to a third party other than Stripe, and then only for the purposes of processing your payment.

Generally Speaking

Your privacy is exceptionally important, and we are grateful that you considered signing up for a site like this. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us.